November 3rd 2015 : Joffre Lake

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November 3rd 2015 As I stumble for my phone first thing in the morning I noticed a text from my friend Jennamae asking what I was up to that day and letting me know she worked at 2:00pm. I immediately give her a call and tell her to be ready …

Oct 21/22 2015 : Healing Waters with Jam

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October 21/22nd 2015 My friend JennaMae Togado finally got 2 days off of work so we decided to go on an adventure and show each other one of our favourite places.  First stop on the tour wsa the Sloquet Hot Springs passed Lillooet Lake. We set off early morning and …

Not Gott

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One of the first snowfalls my friend Micayla and I decided to snowshoe up the Duffey for a night in the backcounty.