I reached out to Kate to create this piece for my boyfriend for a Christmas present and it exceeded my expectations! She totally incorporated our lifestyle to make this piece truly unique. He absolutely loved it and we never get sick of looking at it and all its beautiful shapes and details. It is also always a conversation piece when we have friends over. It was such a pleasure working with Kate and I hope we get to work together again soon.


Ashley: My husband had been talking about getting a split board for months. When considering what I wanted to get him as a wedding gift, a custom XTC Carbon BC Split from Prior with a custom top sheet designed by Zessel seemed like the perfect choice. He knew about the board but he had no idea that he was going to receive something truly one of a kind. I knew I wanted Kate to design something for me; her unique style and creativity blew me away, she took my ideas and turned them into something so much better than I could have ever imagined. My husband cannot wait to get up on the mountain this season!

Dan Split 2 copy

Dan: I was extremely excited knowing I was getting a custom splitboard from my wife for a wedding present. Kate created a one of a kind for top sheet for me that included everything I love from mountains and snowboarding to boats and the ocean. I didn’t know how it looked until the day before the wedding and it is the best top sheet I have ever seen! I couldn’t be happier and now as I’m skinning up to my next line I’ll be able to look at an amazing piece of art.

image2 copyWedding planning at local coffee shop Mt. Currie Coffee in Pemberton, BC, I spotted some amazing artwork on the walls. I saw the Instagram handle and immediately started following Kate. I showed my husband-to-be her intricate blend of West-Coast/Mountain-Life/Nature drawings balancing our natural & man-made wolds. We could both see aspects of our lives in her work, as nature-lovers growing up in Whistler & Vancouver. Our wedding goals focused on being local to the Sea-to-Sky region, and we very much wanted to support an artist in our local community.

I reached out to Kate with the idea of a custom crest, and although she had not made one before, she was game! John and I gave her some ideas from Pinterest & picked a few of her pieces that stood out to us, as well as notes about ourselves.

Kate sent us back 3 rough drafts of different ideas/styles, and we loved aspects of each one. We gave her feedback and then she combined them to create an amazingly unique family crest that we hope to pass on.

We had it etched onto a wood slice from John’s family farm, as well as printed onto recycled paper post-cards as thank-you notes. We adore it, and anyone who sees it falls in love with Kate’s work! Thank you Kate!

My wife and I were on our honeymoon in Whistler when we saw Kate’s work being displayed at Forlise. We immediately fell in love with Kate’s art and intricate details. After traveling home to the U.S., I was able to get in touch with Kate to make a piece for us for our first anniversary. Kate went way above and beyond to communicate with me and create an absolutely stunning gift. Kate was able to bring memories, passions, and love all into one print for us and we couldn’t be happier with the quality. We love Kate’s work and will be coming back for more.


I met and fell in love with Zessel’s art work while viewing her pieces at State Of The Art, in art walks, and coffee shops around Whistler. Once I moved to Whistler I had the pleasure of meeting Kate and working with her, although at first I didn’t know she was the artist I had been admiring for years. During the holidays she gave our staff a print of hers and I finally drew the connection between her and her art work. She told me that she wanted to gift people with her art because around the holidays people are so stressed with getting the perfect gift for others that they forget to think of themselves – this showed me not only is her art beautifully designed but she truly creates to make others happy. After that I knew that I needed a piece of her art.


I looked through her portfolio and fell I love with her mountains designs, I moved to Whistler to be in the mountains, I love hiking and backpacking – it’s where I feel most at home. I was planning on getting a tattoo of the mountains and it was a no brainer to ask Kate to design it. Working with Kate was simple and easy; I showed her what I liked about her other pieces, gave her an outline of what I wanted and what she designed for me was better then I could have ever imagined. I now carry Kate’s artwork – the mountains, with me everywhere.

Kate is a spectacular artist. I asked Kate to create an original piece for me on a skateboard deck to give to my friend for her birthday. Kate was up for the challenge and did not disappoint. Within three days Kate had completed one of the most impressive art pieces I have seen- I almost kept it for myself! She was very professional, extremely flexible and really captured the idea I had for the piece. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Kate Zessel. Simply amazing!