Kate Zessel is an artist located in Whistler B.C. She draws inspiration from the surroundings that she calls home. Originally from Vancouver, she spent her free moments growing up in the mountains, skiing and biking. She furthered her education in Graphic Design at the Vancouver Art Institute, where her passion for illustrating flourished. Putting pen to paper allowed her to capture moments of her adventures and transform them into visual pieces.

You can find her unique blend of intricate line work, patterns, and nature on her social platforms and throughout the outdoor industry. She has created graphics for different ski and snowboard brands, as well as large scale murals for ski resorts and retail spaces.

Capturing a full mountain scene, animal, or shape within a complete image is her way of recounting one of her backcountry adventures. The mountains give her the subject matter of each piece. She hopes her art will connect with your memories of being in nature and resonate with the feeling of being completely immersed in the wilderness.