Metal Dome

Went up to Metal Dome early season to check out the snow pack for the season. Dug two pits, got in some wicked turns and had a great time meeting new friends! Photo by Abby Cooper Photo by Abby Cooper


Headed up the Duffey with a friend of mine to check out early season access. Unfortunately we had to turn back on our objective due to the lack of snow in a boulder field but it was still awesome to get out an enjoy the sun and the supermoon!

Pop Up Sauna on Lillooet Lake

We drove out to Lillooet lake and put together a pop up sauna! Our friends Kris and Billy crafted it in yard and then transported it in pieces up to the lake. It was an amazing experience to go swimming in fall and then hoping into the sauna to warm …

Birken Fishing

Finally getting into Summer mode! Abby and I decided to join my Dad on his fishing trip up in Birken. Photo by Abby Cooper Photo by Abby Cooper Photo by Abby Cooper

Cirque Lake x 2

Headed up to Cirque Lake twice in August. I was still recovering from surgery so I was pretty slow moving! This zone is a really awesome place to adventure summer or winter! It involves crossing over Callaghan Lake and making your way up through a big boulder field until you …


Hiked up to Keith’s Hut for a little overnighter! In the morning we hiked up the small snow patch that was left and made the most of it! Abby Copper snapped some amazing shots of the action! Abby Copper and her dog Driggs on their way up!


This trip was really important to me. I needed to get back into the mountains to feel grounded again after attending two of my family members funerals. I had 24 hours before I had to leave town again so Abby and I made a quick over night trip up to …

Europe : Road Biking from Prague – Vienna

My Mom decided to surprise my dad for his 60th birthday by flying the whole family out to meet them on their Europe trip. We ended up road riding from Prague to Vienna in 6 days covering between 60km – 100km a day.

Brandywine in June

Ski Season isn’t over yet! I hadn’t been feeling well lately and I wanted to get back out on the snow so Abby and I went to checked out the snow line up Brandywine Meadows on Saturday. We could basically drive straight up to the snow so the following day …

Wedge – Stair Master

This was one of the hardest hikes I have ever done. I had just worked 14 days straight, wasn’t feeling very well and decided to say yes to hiking up Wedge with all my ski gear at 5:30PM. I honestly thought I was going to have to turn around with in …