Brandywine in June

Ski Season isn’t over yet! I hadn’t been feeling well lately and I wanted to get back out on the snow so Abby and I went to checked out the snow line up Brandywine Meadows on Saturday. We could basically drive straight up to the snow so the following day we woke up at 5am, as I was flying to the Europe later on that day, and headed up there with our touring gear! We got in one lap before I had to bail for the city to catch my flight – totally worth it!

IMG_0604  IMG_0608 IMG_0609 IMG_0627 IMG_0638 IMG_0641

Photo by Abby Cooper: WebsiteIMG_0676

Photo by Abby Cooper: WebsiteIMG_0678

Photo by Abby Cooper: Website


Photo by Abby Cooper: WebsiteIMG_0682

Photo by Abby Cooper: WebsiteIMG_0683

Photo by Abby Cooper: Website IMG_0684

Photo by Abby Cooper: WebsiteIMG_0685

Photo by Abby Cooper: Website



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