October 28 /29 2015 : Celebrating my Road to Recovery

October 28 /29 2015

I went into the hospital for my xrays and found out that I was able to get my cast off after 2 months! Although the break was still very evident on the xray’s the doctors wanted me to start strengthening it and getting the blood flowing. With the good news my friend Phil Johnson and I decided to celebrate by spending the night on the Duffey and hiking two peaks.


Phil trying to see if we could hang the hammock across the river from a boulder to a tree.


We set off in the morning, and drove the service road as far as my truck allowed. We grabbed our bags and carried on by foot until the road ended and then hiked down to the river. After dropping our overnight bags we decided to explore the peak directly in front of us. It was a scramble up the rock slide but we took it slow and made sure to traverse up it with my left hand toward the hill so I could support myself. Once we reached the top of the tree line we looked for places we could set up my hammock. to chill out and enjoy the view from where we had come from and what lay ahead.

As we watched a storm roll in we packed up our gear and headed down into he valley for the night.


Watching the storm roll in and dreaming of the endless touring that will be had this winter. @philled_with_adventure


Safely back in our home away from home we made a fire, ate dinner by candle light and discussed options for the following day. The next morning we rose before the sun, quickly packed up, cleaned, ate breakfast and headed out to continue the journey. We hiked back up to the service road and followed flagging tap that lead up another face. The tape slowly disappeared but we carried on up the sides of a boulder field until we came across a lake and incredible view. Phil pulled out his jet boil and we sat, made coffee and once again, set up the hammock.

Candle Light Nights



image4 (2)Settling in for some hot coffee with a view. @philled_with_adventure

As we sat starring up at the peaks ahead we pointed out ski lines to each other and discussed the endless winter possibilities. As we turned around to see where we had come from the clouds created a fountain over the adjacent mountains. It’s moments like this and the places you stumble upon in the Duffey that make it so magical. This was the perfect way to celebrate being free from the confinements of my cast. I still used my splint on some of the more technical aspects of the hike but am stoked that I am on the road to recovery.


Looking back at the mountains we explored once last time as we hiked out.




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