December 15th 2015 : Blackcomb Slackcountry

As we got to Glacier Creek our crew, Vince, Dan and Sam, discussed the weather that had rolled in early. Our original plan to head out to Decker changed due to the lack of visability. We decided to head out and try a lap through Sham Shoots.  It was my second day on my new skis and bindings and needless to say I was fiddling all day. As we got to the top of the shoot we dug a pit to check out the snow conditions and stability and  headed on our way. The initial shoot still had exposed rocks so we took our time getting through it into the bowl. As we entered the bowl we got some wicked turns and a beautiful view of the glacier wall that lined Decker Lake. We hiked up and did a couple more laps and then headed out towards 7th heaven for the day.





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