Oct 21/22 2015 : Healing Waters with Jam

October 21/22nd 2015

My friend JennaMae Togado finally got 2 days off of work so we decided to go on an adventure and show each other one of our favourite places.  First stop on the tour wsa the Sloquet Hot Springs passed Lillooet Lake. We set off early morning and made the 2 hour drive to the Springs. We rocked up to an open campsite grabbed our bathing suits and walked down to the hot springs. The only time I had ever been experienced Hot Springs were in New Zealand which we stubble upon during a nature walk and found kids playing in the river.


As we got changed I was in aw. We went on a week day but it was pretty evident that this was a place that many knew about. The spring are located right beside the river and people had brought lanterns, dream catcher and candles that hung delicately from tree branches over the Springs. The pools started by the tiny water wall that trickled down the rocks and  slowly drifted down towards the rivers edge.  I tried stepping into the pool closet to the waterfall and the water was so hot I only last long enough to get a photograph. We spent the afternoon relaxing in cooler pools closer to the river.

Jam hanging out in the lower pool


As the time past Jam and I knew it was time to make our way back to the car for the next adventure. We set off along the service road and it was smooth sailings until my tire light went on and we hurt a loud bang. We pulled over and realized that we had blown a tire. I had a moment of panic when I remember that I was still in a cast and had never changed a tire before. Jam stayed calm and collected and thankfully as we started to get all the tools together a lovely couple and their dog were walking by and a gentleman in a Shaw van pulled over to lend a hand. They quickly changed the tire as I supervised and we were on our way!


As we continued on our journey Jam and I spoke about the kindness of strangers and paying it forward. We parked the truck, grabbed our over night bags we headed up to one of my favorite places. The accent was only an hour or so and eventually we reached the lake. We went inside, made a fire, poured two glasses of win and went outside to set up the hammock and enjoy the view.


Arriving at our next destination. @msjennamae







When we settled in for the night, I started to make dinner while Jam, a professional singer, wrote a new song and sang for me. It was my own private show! As the morning came we dragged ourselves out of bed, made coffee and went back to the hammock for some morning RNR with the mountains. We had to force ourselves to pack up and make our decent to the truck.



Never want to leave this place. @msjennamae

As we came back into Whistler I thought about how grateful I was to have people like Jam in my life and to have the opportunity to explore the mountains around us. The only way you get to see this places are if you shown them or you get out and do it yourself and I am so thankful to have done both.




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