Novemeber 16th 2015: Red Heather Hut

My friend Nina and I wanted to test out our new gear for the day so we decided to head up to Red Heather Hut for lunch and try and get in some turns.  Her friend Leonie also wanted to join us with snowshoes so it was the perfect place for an afternoon stroll. As we were getting our gear on two boys coming down mentioned that we would need to walk up the trail about a 100 metres before  we hit snow. This was more like 500 once we saw the condition of the trail. As we set out the skin track was super easy. My new boots made the hike so enjoyable and my feet will definitely thank me this season.  As we got to the hut we stopped in for a little snack and then made our way out back into the storm. Nina and I feeling a little antsy, hiked up a little farther to get in a few turns. The snow was awesome and I will definitely have to head back up to Elphin Lakes for an over nighter this season.

IMG_1674 IMG_1664   IMG_1653


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