Alpenglow 5 Panel




Alpenglow is an incredible phenomenon enjoyed by everyone and we get to experience it so often in the Sea to Sky, but it should never be taken for granted. It is that perfect moment when the sun is rising or setting, where ice crystals reflect sunlight and rosy pinks pop against the clear snowy face of a mountain.

Inspired by a perfect sky, this hat will keep you shaded and also looking brighter than ever. With breathable mesh sides, webbed adjustable back and a foam structured brim, the Alpenglow hat is made for adventure. You’ll be looking fresh, even by the end of a 5-day traverse. 

Alpenglow can be the hat you take on every adventure or wear casually everyday. However and wherever you wear it, let it resonate with your own memories and experiences of being completely immersed within the outdoors.

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