Bear Calling 5 Panel


Bear Calling


Give them space, talk to them calmly and respect that this is their home too. Kate had to learn bear safety early on in life and so much of her artwork is inspired by the animals that roam freely from valleys to mountain alpines throughout the Sea to Sky.

The Bear Calling hat is made from canvas with a webbed adjustable back, the original design was one created by Kate some time ago. The colorful side panels will catch your neighbours eye or be the perfect pop of color when you’re posing at your best angle. This hat is proudly made in Canada and inspired by another summer season shared with an old familiar friend.Bear Calling can be the hat you take on every adventure or wear casually everyday. However and wherever you wear it, let it resonate with your own memories and experiences of being completely immersed within the outdoors. For more information on bear safety, please check out 

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