Rogers Pass

I got to the opportunity to go touring through Rogers Pass with the Girls Do Ski Advanced Touring Program run by Leah Evans. My two girlfriends Kate and Jessica, who are sisters, were already heading up to Revelstoke to be apart of the camp so I tagged along and got to join up with a really awesome group of women who were learning more about the backcountry. The weather in Revy had been mostly cloudy for the month but when we go into the pass it was blue bird for the two days!

IMG_6024 IMG_6040  IMG_6079 IMG_6158  IMG_6260

Photo By: Christina Lusti


Photo By: Christina Lusti


Photo By: Christina Lusti

IMG_6006 IMG_6010 IMG_6056 IMG_6090 IMG_6125 IMG_6154 IMG_6249






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