October 23/24th 2015 : Life by the Horns

October 23/24th 2015

After a short over nighter last week I wanted to get out and venture farther up the Duffey.  My friend Phil Johnson and I set out mid day to explore a zone neither of us had been before. We packed our over night bags and set off on the service road. Our first major obstacle was a large river that, as we walked up and down the shore, we realised had no graceful crossing. While Phil was able to jump from rock to rock I took the approach of taking off my shoes and sock, rolled up my pants and waded across the river. Once across we found our way back to the road and continued alder bashing onward.

Phil making his way through the open meadow.


As we came to the end of the road there was initially a clear path. It quickly disappeared as we furthered on our journey and had to rely on our sense of direction and maps. After following the river edges for some time we finally broke through the thick trees into a beautiful meadow at the base of the mountain. The travel was easy but we had to watch our steps as the cold had only just frozen the marsh bellow our feet.


Inspiration at the the finest.



IMG_1498 IMG_0421

Phil making a fire for the night.


We finally came across the lake we were looking for just before sundown, and as Phil made a fire I set up my hammock and pulled out my sketchbook. When the sun had finally gone to sleep we made dinner, shared stories in the candle light and settled in for the night. Although Phil passed out quickly, I stayed awake for most of the night watching the moon slowly move across the night through our window. It was one of those nights where it just light up the whole sky and I could see the mountains in the distance clear as day. These are the places I am inspired by and its nights like this that will not be so easily forgotten.


snowspiderSaying once last goodbye in the morning. @philled_with_adventure

As the morning came we were both slow moving. Our initial plans to hike the mountain behind us diminished with the time and we packed up and decided to make our way back home. We reached the truck and both agreed we were in need of some famous Pemberton Mile One Mac N’ Cheese.







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